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Mental Health and Wellness in the Workplace


After they’ve heard Jason speak, they will be able to:

  • Control their own technology addiction

  • Increase performance with extra energy and purpose 

  • Feel a sense of joy and happiness when not online 

  • Re-engage with their families and loved ones

  • Find and use other sources of energy


The audience will learn: 

  • How to master intermittent technology fasting

  • How to grow from The Power Hour: theta waves and bedtime routines How to control dopamine regulation

  • How to re-find mindfulness and playfulness

  • How to harness new sources of energy including fasting, carnivore diet, social closeness, grounding and forest bathing, plant medicine

See Jason in Action:


I Killed My Phone: Surviving Technology and Changing Our Relationship to Our Screens

           Over the last two decades technology has almost completely penetrated all human space and completely transformed our lives, sometimes for the worse. Mental health anguish is drastically up, especially for young people, and we face entire generations lost to the dopamine addiction that comes with the beeps and flashes. The gargantuan release of dopamine from these screens renders normal life devoid of joy and wonder. And we pass this universe onto our children, continuing the cycle. But there is another way and we can, as a species, learn to create space in which technology works for us, not the other way around.

            I want to bring value and ideas to your audience that helps them break the cycle of addiction with their devices as well as ways to bring new sources of energy into their daily lives. Through gathering energy, strength and improved mental and physical health from other, non-addictive sources, we can bolster our performance and leave behind the days of mindless doom-scrolling. The greatest challenge facing our species, in the realm of mental health and wellness, is something that we can rise to as we re-acquaint ourselves with mindfulness as well as playfulness.

My Story

         Jason Corder, born in San Francisco in 1969, is a TEDx speaker, keynote speaker, author, and coach whose work focuses on mental health and wellness in the workplace. A graduate of Swarthmore College, he enjoyed a 20-year career as a visual artist, in which he was awarded a Ballinglen Fellowship and was a Sovereign European Art Prize Nominee. He created Kenya's first comedy-drama series, as well as reality show, and spent a decade as a successful producer/writer/actor exploring issues that affected Africans. Corder has concurrently enjoyed a career as a cultural envoy doing impactful projects for U.S. embassies around the world, focusing on issues that affect developing nations. Having spent more than two decades living abroad, in Africa and Europe, he hones this global perspective into talks, workshops, podcast conversations and the like, to deepen dialogue and heighten perception. He lives with his three sons in Arizona.

What I Offer

Public Speaking

I love to speak on subjects such as male mental health, surviving technology, how Monty Python led to TikTok and the tenacious tango between the masculine and the feminine.

Cultural Diplomacy

With over fifteen years of experience creating cultural projects for embassies and missions around the world, I love to work with youth and aspiring creatives to support issues such as tolerance, civic engagement and indigenous rights.

Coaching and Consulting

I love to help people with a range of challenges, from mental health to fasting to independence within relationships.

Creative Collaboration

I love to work with other artists  and thinkers on collaborative projects, whether it's in music, film, acting, writing, social media content ,or all of the above.


The Gifts of Pain, by Jason Corder

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